Facebook & Email Marketing Are Interconnected In Many Ways

Email marketing & Facebook go hand in hand, and there are many different strategies that you can employ to help paint this picture. Think about how a business uses Facebook, and consider how customers view this social media platform in relation to businesses.

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An email marketing campaign is all about providing your customers with the latest news about your business, without them having to visit you in one of several ways. Facebook as a social media platform can help you do many of the same things, yet the customers have to visit your Facebook page, and they do! Now you can see in a major way how they are interconnected, but why is Facebook so important to helping you grow your email marketing campaign?

Have you ever run into any contests on Facebook before? Facebook is all about contests, and people are always looking for them. You can use these contests to get people to sign up for your email marketing campaigns. They will be more than glad to provide their email addresses for a quick entry into your contest. You can also offer special promotions and discounts, and you can interconnect the content you post in many ways, too.