Video Traffic: Why It Is The Future Of The Internet

When you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed or read a news article online, you will most likely see at least one video advertisement. This might be a video that someone shared in your feed, a sidebar ad, or a pop-up ad. Whatever the case may be, video traffic is huge right now, and the growth is not going to stop anytime soon.

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Video traffic is widely considered the future main method of content marketing. Multiple research studies show that over 50 percent of companies are currently using video advertisements to market their product or service. Printed ads and photographs are quickly becoming outdated.

One particular study states that 69 percent of consumer traffic on the Internet will be video-based by 2017. This makes it clear that video marketing is here to stay. Savvy marketers will start implementing video traffic methods now to stay ahead of the curve.

It's pretty clear that videos are indeed the future o the Internet. You simply have to look at the statistics to see how this trend is rapidly rising. Within mere years, video may dominate all other types of media and advertisement on the Internet.