How I Keep Visitors Engaged With My Website

I have had a few websites over the years. Some have been successful and some have been flops. I have found that the key to success is having a site that keeps the viewers engaged and willing to spend time of on the site.

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The worst thing is when you have a site and a visitor takes one look at it and leaves. This can happen for many reasons. Sometimes your site had unappealing fonts or images.

Your site could be hard to read and it might not flow well. It is crucial that when someone visits your site it looks unified. You want the images and text to pop and you want it to look like some serious work went into the design process.

Nothing is worse to a visitor than a site that doesn't engage you. Your product might need videos or sound to engage the visitor or it might need text that flows well. You have to be willing to take a hard look at your site and try to see it with fresh eyes. Think about what a visitor would see when they land on it. If it isn't good, get a professional to design it for you.